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Sunday, 31 March 2013

TERKAM - The Real Story From Yuktes Vijay

TIRU - Anwar meniru apa yang di lakukan PEMIMPIN PAS keatas ahlinya kerana nakkan Jawatan PM


LARI - Mereka ini adalah orang-orang yang bijak, berwibawa, kaya, berpendidikan, tp mengapa mereka ini meningggalkan Anwar?

Bekas peguam Anwar mahu jumpa Saiful Bukhari minta maaf 


UMNO JAHAT - Mamat ni kompom dah kene beli

Bekas pembantu kepada peguam bela Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Yuktes Vijay dalam kes liwat merancang untuk berjumpa Mohd. Saiful Bukhari Azlan bagi meminta maaf. Katanya, dia berharap dapat bertemu Mohd. Saiful Bukhari secara peribadi, secepat mungkin untuk turut menyatakan kesediaan membantunya.

 Yuktes berjanji akan membantu bekas pembantu peribadi Anwar itu dalam memperjuangkan nasib berhubung kes liwat berkenaan kerana percaya Mohd. Saiful Bukhari telah dianiaya.

 "Saya mahu segera berjumpa dia dan meminta maaf secara peribadi kerana saya telah melakukan kesalahan dan berada di pihak yang salah sebelum ini".

 "Saya mahu berbincang dan melihat apa yang boleh dibuat di mahkamah rayuan berhubung perkara itu (kes liwat)," katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian kepada pemberita ketika dihubungi di sini hari ini. Beliau diminta mengulas mengenai kenyataan terbukanya di akaun Twitter hari ini yang memohon maaf kepada Mohd. Saiful Bukhari.

 Bercakap mengenai perkara lain, Yuktes turut menyatakan kebimbangannya kerana sering diekori oleh beberapa individu setelah menarik diri daripada pasukan peguam bela kes liwat membabitkan Mohd. Saiful Bukhari.

 "Saya seperti diperhatikan dan diekori oleh beberapa individu yang menaiki kereta Myvi hitam," ujarnya.

 Pada 13 Mac lalu, Yuktes telah mendedahkan beberapa 'cerita dalaman' berhubung kes liwat membabitkan Mohd. Saiful Bukhari menerusi dua pucuk surat terbuka yang boleh diakses menerusi beberapa laman blog terutama di http://www.anwaraidc.com dan http://www.mynewshub.com. 


 The Real Story Of Sodomy 2 - Part 1

FMT LETTER: From Yuktes Vijay, via e-mail

I read with anger the news that Saiful’s dad has joined PKR. I knew from Day 1 that the party was devoid of any integrity but for it to stoop to this extent is just mind boggling. I was working with one of Anwar’s long-time lawyers during the whole course of Sodomy 2 and was involved in A-Z of the trial itself.

When I say A-Z, it means from meeting the forensic and DNA experts to reviewing of the documents to finding case laws for his submissions. I was involved in everything. I do not wish to mention the name of the lawyer here as I revere him as my mentor and I do not wish to drag him into this frustration and anger pouring of mine.

Why Anwar never took the stand?

Anwar claimed that he was never offered a fair trial. The truth is he was never brave enough to take the stand. He was never going to withstand the questions that were about to be put forward to his now ally Datuk Yusof. If you Pakatanians have doubts, why not ask him these questions and get valid, acceptable and not logically challenging answers for it.
  • Why did Anwar personally and specifically request his Chief of Staff, Ibrahim Yaakob to send Saiful to the apartment carrying documents when there were other staff there;
  • How come Saiful was aware of the code to enter the apartment which was ‘Mokhtar’, the name of Anwar’s security chief and brother-in-law? ;
  • Video evidence that was sent to Gandhi Labs in New Delhi confirmed the presence of Saiful in the apartment, so how can Saiful’s presence in the apartment be refuted;
  • Why was Saiful afforded special treatment i.e. he was given his own room, privilege of following Anwar for overseas trips though he was a new staff;
  • Anwar’s current aide, Najwan Halimi had previously e-mailed Anwar and told him about Saiful’s apparent afflictions to BN. Why was the call not heeded by Anwar?
Fearing that Anwar will not be able to withstand the onslaught by the Prosecution, the defence team then decided to ask him not to take stand uder the pretext that he was not offered a fair trial. Anwar excelled in conning, deceiving and cheating the public by assuming a Mandela like persona. He is no Mandela, merely a good con artist.

Fund for the overseas experts

The surprising factor here is why no one has ever questioned the fees that were involved in paying the forensic experts, Dr Brian Macdonald and Dr David Wells. Contrary to what the general public have been made to believe, they were paid hefty sums to defend him. When they were here, they stayed in Shang-ri La Hotel for a number of days.

Where did the money to pay the hotels come from? Did Anwar pay from his own pocket? No, he does not even pay his lawyers. So, he had very rich Datuks funding him. I do know the name of the Datuk, but for the reasons known close to me I will not disclose the name.

The problem is if PKR can throw questions as to the wedding expenditure of the Prime Minister, why not question where the money to pay these experts came from? If a former convict and a mere Opposition Leader can have Datuks funding his legal expences, what is wrong in having  Datuks funding the wedding of the PM’s daughter?


I don’t know much about Saiful. The only thing I can say is that the reason he was denied justice is that the Investigating Officer, Jude Perreira, ignored the protocols told to him by Jabatan Kimia and decided to do his things his own way.

There were traces of Anwar’s DNA in his rectum. The only thing that stopped the judge from convicting Anwar was the “break in the chain of evidence”. I will write a full piece on this soon. This drama itself deserves a full piece write up.

In a nutshell, there was evidence of Anwar’s semen in Saiful’s rectum. However, due to a break in chain of evidence and the question mark over the integrity of the samples, the evidence was not used.
So the judge had no other way of corroborating Saiful’s evidence.

Conclusion for Part 1

Anwar is a consummate liar. He is using Saiful’s dad to play up his victim role in order to garner votes. We all know for a fact that since he got acquitted he has lost that bit of “charm” about him as he has nothing to yell about anymore. I really hope he sues me so that I can prove in Court what I have just mentioned.

Remember Anwar Ibrahim, I grew up adoring you. I know your modus operandi and I aspired to be you. Sue me please. Let the public watch Anwar vs Anwar clone (which is me) in action.  And  remember the e-mails, Astroboy? I have all of them saved. Come get me!

The writer, a former Anwarista, worked in Anwar’s Sodomy 2 trial for the defence


  The Real Story Sodomy 2 - Part 2

FMT LETTER: From Yuktes Vijay, via e-mail
It is indeed drama at its very best when a father who sits besides his son when the son swears in the name of God that he was indeed sodomised by the opposition leader, begs the Attorney General to appeal his son’s case when the AG Chambers were in the process of contemplation but somehow somewhat makes a 180 degree turn and accuses his son of making himself a pawn in a political game.
Throw in the name of the Prime Minister and confess that you have been a PKR supporter since 1998, you have a story that can make you millions albeit compromising your dignity, your own son’s integrity and give unwarranted political mileage to the opposition coalition.
I despise gutter politics, even if the person doing it was my idol, hence the reason I have decided to come up in the previous open letter with all the discrepancies that occurred during the course of Sodomy 2.
If all Anwar could conjure is that I was not his lawyer, in an official statement in the PKR website, it lends credibility to my side of the story as to the happenings in Sodomy 2 for the very reason that not even one of my allegations were answered with facts.
Of course, I got the usual bullshit of me being bought by Umno-BN but to be honest that is the least I bargained for knowing the PKR modus operandi of treating their de facto as “Anugerah Tuhan”.
As I had mentioned in my open letter previously, Anwar Ibrahim did not have the guts to take the stand and fight his case. This is the same man who went around the country in the run up to the judgment day on 9/1/2012 to explain his side of the story to the public but did not do it in open court.
Anwar decided to play the Mandela role to gain public empathy and overseas sympathy that he was not offered a fair trial. He ran away from answering questions and that is the truth.
Saiful Bukhari was asked questions in court by senior lawyers such as Karpal Singh and rest of the defence team. He had the guts and courage to withstand the questions that were thrown at him. Why Anwar failed to do the same? He claimed conspiracy from the word go but why so much hesitation and anxiety to take the stand if such an incident never occurred in the first place.
Carefully notice that Anwar hesitates and is afraid to make any statement under oath or in the name of Lord. Something which the guy Anwar claims to be a consummate liar, Saiful Bukhari, has done so. Since he is a tree man now, he loses the charm and popularity that came when he played victim of an alleged Umno-BN conspiracy.
The very court, which he had labeled as a “Kangaroo Court” and a BN tool, has acquitted him. How does he prove his point that BN is behind this saga again?
Saiful’s dad had no role whatsoever in the trial. He played the father who cared about his son until last week and now he claims conspiracy. Why? The answer is simple. Anwar wants to hammer in the point that he is a victim of conspiracy. He is making Azlan his mouthpiece. Saying the things he wants to say through Azlan. Remember that Anwar is the King of deception.
Still skeptical over my explanations? Please ask “Anugerah Tuhan” to answer these questions:
1 Who prepared press statement Azlan read out in the press conference? If you are telling the truth, why pre-empt it? And I know for sure who wrote it Dato’ Seri.
2 Why join PKR and claim that he has been a PKR supporter since 1999 when till recently he has been anything but supportive of their “apparent” and “deceptive” cause?
3 What is the haste and need in having Azlan coming up with such statement and immediately roping him into PKR, that too without the presence of the party president? Does she even have a say in the party?
Anwar’s intentions are simple. He wants to put blame on the government or more precisely Umno-BN for the bisexual image that has been attached to him. For him, it is the case of proving that his assertion of conspiracy is true. But the problem is, Anwar “allegedly” sodomised Saiful, not his dad.
My open letter previously has made many question my integrity. The problem is when wrong things are happening right in front of my eyes, you can’t just keep mum and move on, especially when you feel cheated that the very man you believed is a reformist and an honest man is not what he is. I am willing to take the flak as long as the rakyat know the real man behind the reformist mask.
Attack me all you can. I have put forward questions to Anwar in my previous letters. I have now too. I have documents to back all my claims, even this.
Astroboy no documents pertaining to your trial went without having a “check in” to my e-mail inbox. And this is not even part 2 of my article to your scam in Sodomy 2. Recall the alibi list? Recall the recorder that was passed to me by your brother, Rosdi to record all the conversations in the interview?
My demand is simple. Do not use Saiful’s dad for your political mileage ever again. Fight Saiful like a man.
Former Anwarista, a boy privy to all underground happenings in Sodomy 2

Sodomy 3: What If It’s An Inside Job?


by CT Ali
Episod - Terkammmmmmmmmmmm....................................

Just bear in mind that the hunting season within PKR and Pakatan has already begun and the hunted is Anwar himself.

 MACAM DUA BERADEK - Serupa dan hampir-hampir sama

Let the games within Pakatan Rakyat begin.

From my personal experience, when your father is not that wealthy, there is no infighting within the family to get what you think is your “fair” share of his money.

Let the first million roll in and then it’s a free for all to get into his good books. By the time the second and third million is in his bank, all hell will break lose.

If the father is resolved that money will not break his family asunder, then maybe all will be well. If the father plays favourite, then life for everyone in the family will be, to say the least, interesting.

This is the situation in Pakatan Rakyat today. Each passing day seems to bring it closer to the jewel in Putrajaya, with which the prime minister-designate, Anwar Ibrahim, is to be crowned with.

The ebb and flow of party politics within Pakatan coalition now starts to coalesce – not merging all factions into one seamless entity that will confront Barisan Nasional for the seat of government during the 13th general election but into factions and groups: one that wants Anwar to be the prime minister-designate, and the other that does not.

The ambitious ones within Pakatan know they have to make their move now, but they must do so covertly. What have they started to do?

They need to build upon the foundations laid by BN, even if the foundations languish at gutter level.
They start by besmirching Anwar’s personal character. Another sodomy tape would be a good place as any to start.

Of course, our gut instinct would be to round up the usual suspects – Najib Tun Razak, Muhyiddin Yassin, the Three Datuks, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, or anyone in Umno.

But, methinks, this time around if the fallout from Sodomy Two has taught Najib & Co anything, it is to make sure that if a Sodomy Three were to happen, it must happen ala Dr Chua Soi Lek – where events overtook any possibilities of a defence corridor being thrown around Chua (nasi sudah jadi bubur) – and all Chua could do then was to resign.

This Sodomy Three images that have been put onto the public domain lack clarity and those that matter – the rakyat – are already questioning its authenticity.

Sodomy Three lacks the “Oomph” that only money can provide to make the release of the images from the video to be a “national event”.

It has all the hallmarks of a half-hearted attempt to destabilise Anwar within the Pakatan coalition and also within his own PKR.

In short, it looks like an inside job by insiders within Pakatan or PKR – who are making mischief for Anwar by releasing the so-called Sodomy Three images.

This Sodomy Three “incident” does not seem to have any of Umno or BN “trade mark”.
Inside job?

I would be so bold as to say that this attempt to implicate Anwar this time round has its roots from within Pakatan… from deep down the bowels of Pakatan where a deep-seated dislike for the prime minister-designate exists and may even thrive among a hardcore few.

If they believe that Pakatan has a decent chance of taking government, then they would begin to realise that they must start their campaign to oust Anwar as the premier-designate now – and as is the norm among the financially challenged politicians – nothing could rival the use of gutter politics if you want your opponents to bite the dust.

However, they have failed in one aspect so far.

Anwar does not capitulate nor has he succumbed to the worse that Umno or for that matter, anyone, have so far hurled at him – sexual innuendos and other salacious accusations of the verbal or imaginary kind included.

Whal all this Sodomy Three tape will make Anwar do is: he will deny and the masses will believe.
Then it may degenerate into the cleansing of those who are perceived to be the culprits. This will cause much damage to PKR’s and Pakatan’a credibility among the voters.

Or they can do the usual: deny! deny! deny!

Your guess is as good as mine: just bear in mind that the hunting season within PKR and Pakatan has already begun. The hunted is Anwar himself: so let the games begin!

CT Ali is a reformist who believes in Pakatan Rakyat’s ideologies. He is a FMT columnist.

AMUKANMELAYU - Berfikir secara bijak....benarkah Anwar LGBT? atau Anwar di inaya atau semua ini adalah LAKONAN atau lakonan 3 D atau sememangnya ANWAR mengidapi penyakit KRONIK yang perlu di ubati? Kenapa semua orang biarkan Anwar  sendirian menanggung DERITA PENYAKIT ini?