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Friday, 3 May 2013

GHOST VOTERS - From vote buying to vote flying!

Down At The Airport!
Hantu sedang mengundi
Hantu Mengundi - Siapa pilihan mereka?

Charter flights laid on by BN friendly Air Asia from KK and Kuching – with hoards of Indonesian plantation workers on board…..

Down at the airport is where it is happening with the Malaysian elections right now.
Secret flights are heading out loaded with cash.
Meanwhile overloaded chartered jets are flying in crowded with foreign workers, suspected of being dragooned into voting for BN.
It would appear that the rats are leaving the sinking ship, while the PM is still desperately trying to win this election “at any cost”
Emails from Air Asia & Malaysian Airways expose a desperate PM
Today, emails leaked to the opposition by staff working at both Air Asia and Malaysian Airways have left Najib Razak desperately exposed [see base of article].
They indicate that while his departing henchmen and rich businessmen have increasingly been losing faith that he can win this election, the PM has been caught red-handed trying to ferry tens of thousands of dubious voters over to KL to influence the outcome!
Staff insiders at Air Asia and Malaysian Airways have just leaked the devastating email interchanges, which lay bare the whole operation with both sets of emails implicating the Prime Minister personally in the extraordinary operation.

‘We need to move 30,000 people over a 3 day period’ – PM needs to know how our plans are going
As his UMNO troops have started to desert in their private jets, can the PM survive this devastating exposure?

Rats leaving the sinking ship?
Because chartered jumbos are not the only unusual traffic that has been raising eyebrows.
Private jets have also been busy as rich Malaysians are getting their money out by whatever means it seems.  One the eye-witness account from air crew came through to Sarawak Report yesterday of:
 “a private plane leaving Subang filled with a collection of luxury bags,and one large gunny sack stuffed with US dollars-estimated value RM 2.5 billion‬. Bags were dropped off by men in suits driving a couple of sliver Mercedeses , number plate “11″
From vote buying to vote flying!

Mass transportation of ‘voters’ is underway
As for the traffic moving in the other direction, PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim has come out tonight stating that his information is solid that these are foreign workers being ferried to KL to be used as ‘voting fodder’.
PKR have made clear that they believe that the UMNO supporting Election Commission (both the Chairman and deputy were card-carrying UMNO members) are registering them as new voters.
One senior PKR member told Sarawak Report today:
“The National Registration Department which issues I.C.s (Identity Cards) secretly issue these cards to the PM’s Office, which then gets undercover agents to recruit foreign nationals, who get their pictures taken and then superimposed on the I.Cs and then the Election Commission which is in charge of registering voters simply key in the data of these new I.C.s into their system. Voila! New voters!”
And today Najib indeed appears to have been caught red-handed, bringing in dubious workers from the two East Malaysian states to vote BN in marginal seats in peninsular Malaysia.

Passenger manifest

The leaked emails indicate that the Prime Minister has been urgently coordinating the chartering of massive 747s to ship over 40,000 Indonesians or East Malaysians from Kuching and KK, airports, backwaters that normally never see the like of such aircraft.
The incriminating evidence is there in snapshots, emails and aircraft information that are currently going viral on the web.
Both the emails leaked from Air Malaysia and Air Asia indicate that the matter is being coordinated by the Prime Minister’s office.  One from Malaysian Airways makes plain that the chartered planes are to “ferry voters and election workers from BKE and KCH”.
Since when did these sleepy plantation states become packed with poor West Malaysian workers needing charter flights back to KL or indeed East Malaysian, who might be registered in West Malaysia and need to go back to vote?
Suspicions are now rife that many of these individuals may be foreign plantation workers, doing their masters’ bidding.

Malaysian Airlines – ‘Schedule to ferry voters and election workers’ from Kuching to KL
Moreover, while all names are obliterated from the Malaysian Airways emails, the ones from Air Asia show clearly who many of the key writers and recipients of the emails are. They include the Chief Executive Aireen Omar.
See this smoking gun email below from Omar with a second reference to the need to report back to the PM herself!  (full evidence via link is available at base of page)

Can you let me know about flight availability by tomorrow morning as I have to see PM at noon!!!
One wonders how BN has the brass necked cheek to pose as the party of ‘stability’ when it indulges in such grossly provocative acts as this plan to plane and then bus thousands of foreigners to the polling stations of such places as Selangor on Sunday?

Charter planes arriving just before the election and leaving straight after! Is this what BN mean about ‘winning’ back Selangor at any price?
Cooperation from BN’s ‘fixed deposit’ states
And how typical of the two corrupted BN tyrants of East Malaysia, Chief Ministers Taib Mahmud and Musa Aman to cooperate in such a scandalous activity.

According to airport insiders the charters have already started ferrying helpless plantation workers, who do what they are told to do
Both men are exposed up to their necks in graft, with billions in kickbacks firmly labelled against their names.  Therefore both are desperate to do what they can to save Najib who will protect them for as long as they can provide BN the seats he needs to keep power.
40,000 plantations workers on a plane by the weekend to vote in Selangor?  Why not!
Sabah’s Project IC is the direct comparison.  Then UMNO ‘legalised’ foreign nationals to steal the East Malaysian state from its native voters.
Now it appears they are flying those workers over West Malaysia to steal their states too!
Malaysian air crew speaking to journalists at Heathrow airport had this to say Tuesday morning:
Was at Heathrow on Tuesday and met some senior aircrew. They claim that Najib is using MAS old 747s (the ones which were old and replaced by the new A380s) to fly foreigners in from both KK and Kuching…..  there have been several of these flights over the past weeks”[UK journalist].
As per Tony’s email!
The involvement of the Chairman of Air Asia is also plain in this trail of emails.  Tony Fernandez (now world famous as the owner of QPR Football Club) is the BN client and supposed ‘whizz kid’, who went from nowhere to the head of a major airline in a twinkling of an eye having caught the eye of Mahathir some years back.
He clearly owes his political allies some loyalty:

Air Asia, which is hand in glove with the Malaysian powers that be, needs to come out and explain each of these flights immediately – and the role of the PM in organising them
Today Anwar Ibrahim released this compelling evidence of the ‘vote flying’ in an urgent press statement followed by a release of the evidence that BN are now being forced to struggle to explain.

Get to the airport and photograph the disgraceful activity!
Worrying crowds – Are BN also Buying up Bangaldeshis as their traditional crowd fodder melt away?

Promoting BN, but is he Malay?
There is another issue that has been gaining attention across the blogs.  Concern has grown that BN has been paying a different section of Malaysia’s community of foreign workers to perform another aspect of its election strategy.
This is crowd buying.
BN’s oil flushed, timber flushed solution to all its problems for the last 50 years has been “if you need it, buy it”.
And in this election it seems that as it has become harder to buy up their own Malay supporters for the party, they have started to pay poor immigrant cheer leaders to wear their T-shirts and wave their flags.
Meanwhile, the real UMNO troopers are concentrating on getting their money out of town.
The level of graft of by the ruling elite, which is currently pouring its money out of KL and into foreign safe havens has been causing even the banking community to feel sickened at the sight, according to insiders who have confided to Sarawak Report.
Follow the money to see what a growing number of panicking UMNO bigwigs think the outcome of this election will be.  Last year as many Malaysians as British nationals bought property in Central London. One told a London estate agent before Christmas:
 ”I will buy any property you have in Central London on your books.  I need to get my money out as there is to be an election in Malaysia soon and the next government may be stricter about people like me taking out money like this!”
But, while BN’s henchmen are starting to run round like disturbed ants, there is one man who is determined that the party should win this coming election and that is the PM Najib Razak, whose pride depends on success.

Who can blame these people if they have been asked by their bosses to wave such flags for a small sum?

And if that means shipping in tens of thousands of foreign illegal voters and putting tens of thousands more into BN T-shirts all to con an election from his own people, then it seems he is prepared to try and carry it off.
But Najib’s actions are being watched by the entire nation now and they are likely to do far more damage than good to his cause of winning this election “at any cost”.
[Press Statement by Anwar Ibrahim on air shipping voters into KL
For evidence provided by PKR on shipping voters into KL Click here and here]

Nuar ini selalu berkata bahawa rakyat tidak lagi dapat diperbodohkan oleh UMNO/BN. Katanya lagi rakyat sudah cerdik. Kita setuju dengan kenyataan dia itu. Namun dia terus memainkan isu-isu bodoh dan masih ingin mewujudkan persepsi bodoh dan mahu sangat supaya masih ramai yang mampu diperbodohkannya lalu mempercayai setiap kata-katanya.
Rakyat Malaysia, rakyat Israel, rakyat Amerika, rakyat Australia malah seluruh dunia sudah mengenali siapa dia ini. Dia selamba je cuba menipu semua orang. Dia mahu anak isterinya mempercayai setiap kata-kata dan perilakunya. Dia mahu pengundi mempercayai apa yang dia fitnahkan. Dia mahu rakyat percaya bahawa masih ada pengundi hantu dalan daftar SPR.
Dia mahu negara luar mempercayai keyakinan palsunya bahawa dia dan partinya akan memenangi PRU13. Yang dia tidak mahu rakyat atau penyokongnya tahu walaupun dia tahu ialah dia tidak akan berjaya kali ini. Pakatan dia tidak akan mampu mengalahkan BN. Itu dia amat tahu dan tidak mahu rakyat tahu.
Dia juga tahu dimana tempat dia akan menang dan dimana tempat yang partinya akan kalah. Semua itu diketahuinya dengan membuat analisa sendiri berdasarkan segala petunjuk yang ada.
Nuar juga tahu bahawa rakyat sudah begitu teruja untuk keluar mengundi dan bakal memilih BN untuk menamatkan segala sandiwara politik PKR, DAP dan PAS ini.
Lihatlah komitmen media massa yang kononnya akan disuruh 'duduk belakang dulu' kerana hendak mengajar media massa yang jelas secara total menyokong UMNO/BN. Tindakan media massa ini adalah petunjuk bahawa BN akan menang besar. Lihatlah akhbar Utusan Malaysia yang cuba menyiarkan setiap detik apa yang berlaku dalam suasana PRU ini.
Cetakan akhbar Utusan Malaysia mungkin meningkat sekali ganda dari bulan-bulan biasa kerana permintaan yang terlalu tinggi. Setiap hari rakyat Malaysia menantikan edaran Utusan Malaysia. Ini menunjukkan sokongan terhadap UMNO/BN semakin meningkat dari sehari ke sehari.
Nuar seolah-olah kehilangan punca sekarang ini. Serba tak kena, usik sana salah, usik sini parah. Cubalah bawa bertenang sikit, tunjukkan kewibawaan dan keyakinan diri. Jika asyik meroyan sehingga ke saat rakyat menuju ke peti undi, bukankah itu hanya mengundang bencana kepada pakatan.
Berbulan SPR memaparkan daftar pemilih dan hanya 1,000 lebih sedikit sahaja yang mengambil inisiatif untuk membuat semakan. 1000/13.3 juta yang mungkin tidak yakin dengan daftar tersebut sebab itu mereka membuat semakan. Yang selebihnya 13.29 juta lagi tetap mempercayai apa yang SPR lakukan dan mereka tidak kisah pun untuk membuat semakan ke atas daftar pemilih itu.
Benar pertambahan pengundi agak mengkagumkan sejak PRU12 yang lalu. Namun kempen daftar pemilih ini melibatkan semua parti dan DAP telah menjadi juara dalam mendaftarkan pengundi baru. Apa masalahnya wahai Nuar.
Ini apa cerita ni Nuar??? 40,000 you kata pengundi hantu akan dibawa dari Sabah, dari Nepal, dari Bangla dan India untuk mengundi BN. Di dalam bilik strategi pakatan tidak mampukah para pemikir hebat pakatan untuk merekasaya cerita yang lebih lebih menyakinkan selain daripada kisah dongeng pengundi hantu ini.
Oklah kitapun ingin percaya akan dapat di bawa seramai 40,000 pengundi hantu itu dari Sabah, kemudian pengundi itu hendak dihantar ke mana???
Masihkah kau ingat wahai Nuar anak Brahim, semasa PRK Lunas??? Selesai sahaja penamaan calon dan pada malamnya Datuk Roslan Kassim dan Tian Chua berceramah atas lori buruk, apa yang mereka dakwa???? Ingat lagi, mereka telah kantoi dengan mengatakan pada hari mengundi kelak akan ada tujuh buah bas membawa pengundi hantu untuk mengundi BN.
Ya memang ada 7 buah bas tersebut, kerana itulah antara perancangan PKR masa itu. Apabila bas tersebut muncul pada hari mengundi dan memang 7 buah, maka percayalah para pencacai pakatan bahawa itulah pengundi hantu. Sedangkan akhirnya rakyat mengetahui bahawa PKR lah yang mengadakan 7 buah bas tersebut.
Wahai Nuar, pada hari mengundi ada kilang-kilang yang tidak ditutup. Bas kilang berjalan seperti yang berlaku di PRK Merlimau dan Anak Bukit. Pekerja kilang itupun dituduh oleh pakatan membawa pengundi hantu kerana hendak mengwujudkan suasana tegang supaya rakyat menyalahkan UMNO/BN.
Wahai Nuar, tidak bolehkah memberikan kerjasama yang sopan dan mendidik penyokong supaya mematuhi semua undang-undang PRU, supaya tidak ada kekecohan berlaku dan rakyat boleh keluar mengundi dengan tenang dan tenteram serta membuat pilihan masing-masing. Tak boleh ke???
Janganlah kerana terdesak sangat, bas-bas yang membawa anak-anak kecil iaitu peserta PLKN yang ingin membantu jentera PRU pun dikatakan membawa pengundi hantu.
Sekalimlagi 40,000 tadi hendak dihantar kemana??? ke Permatang Pauh ke??? Kalau hendak dihantar ke sana cukup ke kertas undi untuk mereka kelak.??
Kalau 40,000 itu hendak diagih-agihkan ke serata tempat jumlah mereka akan menjadi kecil dan apakah jumlah itu mampu untuk membantu UMNO/BN. Cuba cerita sikit Nuar, supaya kami rakyat menjadi jelas, bagaimana sebenarnya hantu-hantu ini hendak mengundi???
Kita nak tahu ni apakah hantu-hantu ini akan mengundi berkali-kali??? atau hantu ini tidak ada nama tetapi boleh pula mengambil kertas undi dan jari telunjuknya dicalit dengan dakwat kekal.
Kan semua orang sudah tahu ada 13.3 juta yang layak mengundi kali ini. Selalunya paling banyak pun muncul di hari mengundi ialah 80%. Jadi kalau dalam daftar yang telah dipamirkan itu, ada nama, ada nombor kad pengenalan, kenapa tuduh mereka sebagai hantu??? Apa cerita ni Nuar??? Mereka pengundi yang sahlah, mana hantunya???
40,000 pengundi yang bakal dibawa dari Sabah itu hendak dihantar ke Lembah Pantai ke. Hebat betul BN ni. Teressa Kok di Seputih menang dengan majoriti 30,000 lebih, apa perlunya hantu-hantu untuk membantu beliau.??? Atau wakil pakatan yang ada dalam setiap bilik mengundi itu apakah bodoh-bodoh belaka sehinggakan membenarkan pula hantu mengambil kertas undi.
Betul Nuar, tolonglah jangan kelirukan rakyat, tolong jelaskan sedikit bagaimana hantu-hantu ini boleh mengundi. Cakap, dakwaan dan tuduhan memang senang, ialah nak bagi rakyat marah kepada SPR, tetapi tolonglah perincikan sikit, panggillah sidang akhbar dan jelaskan, si Nepal ni akan buat itu, si Bangla ni akan buat begini, si Negro ni akan masuk dalam bilik mengundi dan menunjukkan IC kepada petugas SPR, ambil kertas, calit jari dan memangkah lambang PKR, DAP atau PAS. Mereka juga benci dengan kerajaan BN.. Kan tak pasal-pasal Pakatan dapat undi.. Wakil pakatan dalam bilik mengundi tersebut buat-buat tak nampak sahaja kerana dia mungkin dah tahu bahawa Negro tu pasti mengundi pakatan.
Hey bukan kerja mudah ni SPR nak menguruskan 13 juta pengundi. DAP nak menguruskan 1800 pengundi pun tak mampu inikan pulak 13 juta. PAS nak mengira undi 3 calon Timbalan Presidenpun hingga jam 3 pagi. Tidak sebanyak mana pun, cuma 1200 undi sahaja. Itupun berpeluh. Tolonglah hargai peranan kaki tangan SPR dan janganlah ganggu proses PRU13 ini dengan pelbagai dakwaan yang tidak masuk akal.
Berlaku pertambahan undi di kebanyakan kawasan kerana DAP gigih mendaftarkan pengundi baru. Di Serdang ada 10,000 lebih. Di DUN Rantau ada 3133 pengundi baru. Di DUN Seri Menanti ada 1000 tambahan. Di DUN Repah ada 3333 tambahan pengundi. Ini sebagai contoh. Pertambahan pengundi ini berlaku bukan semata-mata disebabkan oleh pendaftaran baru. Ada juga pengundi lama dan penyokong tegar yang dipindahkan semata-mata untuk memenangkan calon dan ini bukanya hantu. Mereka pengundi sah, tetapi pakar strategik terutamanya PAS dan DAP melakukan pemindahan ini sejak dulu lagi bagi membantu calon mereka. Untuk memudahkan urusan dengan pihak SPR maka pakar strategi tadi telah menggunakan satu alamat berulang kali bagi memindahkan pengundi ini.
Berbalik kepada isu 40,000 yang bakal diangkut dari Sabah tadi, tidak boleh ke pakatan menghantar wakil duduk di KLIA atau LCCT untuk memantau pengundi ini mendarat.??? Sediakan khemah dan kumpulkan mereka. Dalam zaman teknologi ini jadual penerbangan boleh di semak dalam internet. Mesti pakatan tahu bila dan dimana pengundi yang di bawa masuk ini akan mendarat dan tentu pakatan juga mampu untuk mengetahui dimana mereka bakal ditempatkan.
Minta polis tahan mereka ini. Tetapi janganlah menahan pengundi yang sah. Umpamanya saudara Jokiden yang berada di Sabah itu setiap kali PRU dia dan keluarga akan balik mengundi di sini. Dia tidak menukarpun tempat mengundinya. Ha yang itu jangan pula petugas pakatan tahan, kerana mereka memang balik untuk menunaikan tanggung jawab setiap kali pilihanraya. Dan jangan risau dia tidak mampu untuk segera kembali ke Sabah untuk mengundi sekali lagi di sana sebab namanya tidak ada di Sabah, jarinya sudah dicalit di sini dan juga masa mungkin tidak mengizinkan dia untuk berkejar pula untuk mengundi lagi sekali. Lagipun satu undi dia mungkin tidak memberi kesan kepada mana-mana keputusan. Jadi mengundi sekali jadilah.
Rakyat muak dan mual dah dengan segala rekasaya pakatan ini. Termasuk tuduhan terkini Nuar yang mengatakan BN akan menggunakan berbillion ringgit untuk membeli undi pada saat-saat akhir. Come on lah Nuar, kalau you dah ada dana dari mana-mana untuk di bomkan, tak yahlah tuduh BN. Guna jelah duit itu, tetapi jangan sampai tersilap langkah kerana perbuatan membeli undi itu kan tidak bermoral dan kemenangan calon Pakatan boleh terbatal di sebabkannya.
Jadi rayulah kepada penyokong pakatan yang sudah tinggal tidak seberapa ramai lagi itu, supaya pergi ke peti undi dengan penuh ketenangan dan buatlah pilihan dengan bijak seperti yang Khalid pernah lakukan iaitu "Marlah kita bersama-sama, bersama-sama mempastikan, untuk mempastikan kemenangan calon Barisan nasional..." Kah..kah..kah..kah..
AMUKANMELAYU - kenape MAS dan AIRASIA biarkan semua ini berlaku....Pegawai Perhubungan Awam perlu membuat POLIS REPORT dengan fitnah ini.....dan agen pekerja asing kene tampil menjawab semua REKAAN FITNAH ini.....kemakmuran Malaysia menjadikan negara ini tumpuan pekerja asing....pemandangan seperti ini hampir setiap masa berlaku di Lapangan Terbang Antara Bangsa(Penang, KLIA, Kucing, Melaka dan Kota Kinabalu) terimalah hakikat.....semua peti undi ada wakil PARTI.....janganlah di katakan papan tinggi rendah sedang kita dah terlebih berjoget sehingga mabuk darat....